May 12, 2011

Teacher Appreciating.

This week is Teacher Appreciation week at Belle's school, so we have been around-the-clock busy crafting up a variety of cards and small presents for each of the themed days and activities. First, we created a small garden of tulip cards--one for each of her teachers.

The project [and tulip template] came from here, but it called for a pipe cleaner stem that we handily replaced with some green popsicle sticks that we oddly already had in abundance. I pretty much refuse to craft with pipe cleaners--for the record--it seems they are impossible to be made straight,  are never as structural as one might desire, and they absolutely do not behave nicely with white glue. We happily modified our versions with the sticks, which aside from making them sturdier, also brought them down in height, which I enjoyed.  

Of course, the modified height required that we shrink the tulip template to 75% in our printer settings. And the leaves, well...changed them up too; not only did the leaves on ours need to be appropriately made in green, we also desired for them to be closer to the actual shape of a real tulip leaf. I know, I's these unrelenting details all the time. For the tulips, we traced our reduce-scaled template onto a variety of textured and two-sided yellow card stock sheets that we had on hand from previous projects, so we inadvertently upgraded our paper choice as well. Why not, I suppose, we've already departed from pretty much every step of the project at this point?!

The tulips certainly held their own sweetly as individual cards, but I really enjoyed them together as a small garden. This very notion--of wanting a garden--leads us to our main gift for Belle's teacher. That one will be up tomorrow. Ah, the suspense...Kindergarten crafting gets pretty intense around here.


Tanya Anurag said...

That is such a pretty concept!! Loved it and the image is not pinned on my Pinterest board.

Thanks for sharing the fab idea!

Jen Craun said...

Thanks!!! We try to do something simple each year, and have the kids help some also! I enjoyed these so much. They had a yellow theme that year, but I could imagine a bouquet of colors also!

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