June 8, 2011

Summer Planning; a Simple Pamphlet How-To.

The Craunlets and I have decided to make a list of all that we hope to accomplish this summer, charting out the best use of our many empty day hours of the next three months together, weaning ourselves off of our academic routines. So, in preparation for the promises-to-be-a-lengthy-list, I decided to whip up a quick pamphlet book for our jottings, and I snapped a million process photos for a simple-to-follow tutorial. And though the photos are numerous, start-to-finish these take only about 5 minutes once you scavenge together all of your necessary materials and tools.
Folded paper [stacked inside itself], bone folder [optional], needle + thread, awl for piercing [or use a large needle], image for cover [we used cards that we re-purposed from a game that we scored at a resale shop]
I make these books all the time to have on hand for little purse and bag grab books, mini sketch + writing books for the Craunlets, and I thought I would share them here for your enjoyment also. The paper weight + size varies due to whatever we have on hand. Used here is a canary A-2 card weight borrowed from the Craunlets' writing center. I used a linen book binding thread here, but you could readily substitute it with any other durable thread, embroidery floss, or cotton string.
Pierce holes through all layers of the stacked folded sheets, spacing evenly, and use an odd number [3 or 5 are most common]
Begin sewing from outside of spine into center of book, at the center hole[#3]
Leave a couple inches of thread dangling to tie off book when sewing is completed
Stitch up one hole [#2], through all of the layers and back outside, then inside [hole #1], and down...
Jumping over the center hole[#3], going back into the book at the hole[#4] just below
Finish the bottom stitches mirroring the top, the last stitch should leave out through the center hole[#3] to the waiting thread tail
Your inner stitches should look like a giant running stitch, like this
Tie the two thread pieces around either side of the long stitch into a knot to finish, and trim the threads. Select a cover image, if one is desired.
Glue down final image--the horse passing gas won in our case--and you are all done
Happy simple bookmaking! Tomorrow, the Craunlets and I will begin to fill these pages with our summer fun list...

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