March 8, 2013

Headshots. Not So Bad, Kid.

So a few weeks ago, on about 12-hours notice, I wanted needed  a new head-shot. It's to accompany an almost-no-word bio that I'll have in a publication where I'll also have a little article published. [more on that soon!] I hit a button with the very word publish on it every single time I finish a post here on Chatter. But, for ever, I have wanted to actually publish on the printed page.

Photo Credit: Isabella Craun, 2013.

Lucky for us, Cleveland weather was up for the challenge, and the natural light pouring through my studio windows after school was perfect. After the tiniest amount of coaching, Isabella was up for the task of learning how to use my Canon Rebel. Nathaniel even took a turn, but the weight and size of the camera helped all of his images come out a wee bit blurry.

Photo Credit: Isabella Craun, 2013.

With minor editing [and square-cropping of one] in Photoshop, two pictures turned out pretty good, for a kid take. In full disclosure, Isabella took nearly 30 for good measure. Many images found me talking–explaining how to use the camera–and my hands helping their little fingers find the right button again. The almost half-an-hour photo shoot was quite a riot. There was much laughing, and it was totally a trip to see them each take a turn on the other side of the camera.

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